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Matt and Megan are on to new adventures!

Bees n' Glass is temporarily in transition, but all updates will be posted here.
Thank-you for your patronage and friendship over the last two years.

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Your one stop shop

Bee Keeping - Glassware - Candles - Maple Tapping

Hardware and Supplies

We supply products for...

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Bee Keeping

We have a wide range of beekeeping supplies-Everything from Hives to Protective clothing. We also stock many Medications, and also provide solutions for everyday pests and predators.

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Looking for a unique way to store your Jams, Honey or Maple Syrup? We have many different styles from small round jars to tall slender Carafes- and most things that we don't have we can order in from our suppliers!

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Bees N' Glass can provide many different Mold and Wicking options for candlemaking. While we may not always have them in stock, But we can definitely order anything in our catalog in for your convenience.

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Maple Tapping

Did you know you can tap the Bigleaf Maple trees out on the west coast? It's true! You can pick up "How To" books as well as all the spiles, tubing, and filtering paper you could possibly need.

Winter Store Hours until March 1

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Thursday-Friday 11am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
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